What the hell are ‘smart’ trainers? It sounds contradictory, as we know trainers as sports and performance-based footwear worn casually, while smart shoes are leather and are usually heeled and worn with trousers. Right? WRONG. Conventions are old school. Designers now rely on innovation to succeed in this cut-throat industry. Everything is fused together and we, the consumer, gain with more options and competitive prices. ‘Smart Trainers’ bridge the gap between performance-based sneakers and more formal shoes, as horrible as that sounds. They are perfect to wear with trousers and jeans alike and can be seen in bars and clubs across London. Dash your stinking Reebok Classics in the bin! Here is our pick of the bunch:

  1. SWEAR
    “Swear” is a British brand that have become world-renowned for their ‘pointy’ style shoe. They have rubber soles but look very dressy and are perfect if you’re looking to get into a club without having to wear shoes. They combine block colour in a vibrant and striking way.
    Best Style: Dean Style Shoes
    Another British brand, Pointers clean and simple designs make them a perfect pair of smart trainers to wear with trousers. Their pattern detail vary as much as their styles.
    Best Style: Crago Black
    Having experience in the fashion industry, Lacoste know how to make a classy fashion garment and their expertise is reflected in their trainers. They hold a very ‘preppy’ feel due to Lacoste’s’ tennis heritage. These are very smart trainers indeed. Pair them with some stylish Tom Ford glasses for the perfect look!
    Best Style: Ibiza Block
    The “Alaric” from the Shofolk collection has been created in this special colourway exclusively for oki-ni. There are only 50 units of this shoe being produced and it is only available for purchase at The shoe is made from premium suede and due to it’s hybrid nature, drawn from both sneaker and traditional footwear, this shoe will translate easily into any style of wardrobe.
    Best Style: Alaric
  5. CLAE
    Regarded as a pioneer of the “athleisure” footwear movement, 2001 saw Clae launch its never-before-seen hybrid collection that delivered the comfort of a sneaker with classic footwear styling, resulting in a new definition of casual. Committed to quality, detail and style, Clae is returning after a three-year hiatus with some cult classics and newly-revamped models for a consumer market place craving a fresh take on footwear. Again, great to wear with trousers, combats and jeans, this particular design is an effortlessly designed mesh of the classic British brogue shoe mixed with a flat American sneaker design.
    Best Style: Whiteman